AGE : 27

I’ve always had a passion for fitness. At a young age I worked my way through all of the different competitive sports:  swimming, basketball, volleyball, & track. As High School approached I narrowed my concentration to track, cross country, and swimming.  During high school I took a weightlifting class; this fueled my drive to want to lift heavy weights more which turned into workouts with the Football team during their off season. Once college came around all of the group sports stopped, but the weight training and running continued. My longing to be back on a team led me to Crossfit in 2012, which like anyone else, I immediately fell in love and the rest is history….


I love helping people build confidence in themselves, and seeing the spark that ignites when they  start to believe in themselves too. I personally get to witness this growth when coaching the 6 Week Challenge groups and the Little Operators (kiddos) that come through our door. Seeing other people’s happiness and confidence grow reminds me of why I love what I do.

Favorite Quotes:
“Be humble in victory, and gracious in defeat”
“Last set is the best set”



Training Experience
Crossfit Level 1 Certificate
Certificate achieved in 2012
Crossfit Endurance Certificate
Crossfit Kids Certificate
Training Skills
  • Motivator 95 %
  • Mentor to Kids 100 %
  • Personal Training 100 %
  • Tiny Temper 100 %

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Working from home meant we could vary snack and coffee breaks, change our desks or view, goof off, drink on the job, even spend the day in pajamas

Began my fitness journey over 15 years ago training neighborhood kids over the summers to prepare for sports. This evolved into a lifelong curiosity of all the challenges physically the body could endure. My curiosity took me into the Special Operations community to test my training habits and physical preparedness where I have spent the last 13years serving(current). This ultimately led me to the highly competitive sport of CrossFit. I now use this experience to help people physically but most importantly mentally to reach there goals.
I have been working with young athletes for the last 11 years and representing South Africa for the last 17 years in a few sports . I started my weightlifting career at the age of 12 and it has opened many doors for me from sport to life as well as university. I am a qualified B-Psych Sport Psychology and mental skills coach , Weightlifting and CrossFit Coach . My passion is working with the youth and anyone wanting to better their Olympic weightlifting .  Guiding you into a program with good form and proper motivational  coaching .  I have been a 3 x world champion in karate and a CrossFit games athlete as well as an Olympic weightlifter competing internationally for the last 16 years . I have competed at 3 common wealth games , world champs and held the youth commonwealth record . I think I can safely say weight training is in my blood as I got the passion from my dad . He started me at an age of 12 in order to increase my speed and explosive power , I later on started coaching young athletes and teaching youngsters what I have learnt from years and years of coaching from some of the best international coaches in the world .
    Love Fitness