Why choose RedSide

RedSide is a team, its a perfect storm of individuals that came together to build one of the strongest communities within CrossFit. We offer programs for every skill level across a broad range of fitness backgrounds and put them under one roof with one goal in mind. Your journey is out priority!! We achieve that through example, leadership, experience, dedication, and most importantly PASSION. Let RedSide help you Find Your Strength.


RedSide's founders have traveled all over the world from Thailand to New York. This has given us insight on what we felt we wanted in our facility. RedSide is 8000+ square feet that offers over 80ft of pull up and squat rigs, 15 OLY platforms, Yoga Studio, Air Conditioning, 3 Showers and 4 toilets, and Full living room and Kitchen to name a few amenities. We looked at our facility at what we wanted it to be in 10 years. Come and see for your self and give the free week a try!!


Our equipment is top notch, we didn't cut any corners when it came to what we provide our athletes. Our OLY area lifts on all Eleiko bars, Pendlay elite metal jerk and pulling blocks. The CrossFit area has all Pendlay Elite Bearing Bars and Elite Plates, 80ft Rogue 3x3 Monster rig, Competition ring straps for all rings, WKC Competition Kettlebells, and over 6000 CrossFit area to use it all in.


Everyone will have the same argument, ``We have the best Coaches``. We are no different in our belief. What separates RedSide is the Coaching criteria that we hold our Coaches to. They must LEAD BY EXAMPLE. Come in and meet our Coaches during your free week and become INSPIRED but what you will find.

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Our history

Coach Dave and Kyle meet for the first time on their Special Operations team. Their friendship and dreams started on their first deployment together to the Czech Republic. They had found a common interest in fitness and embraced the challenges of the regiment. They established training principles that were proved by both of them at the toughest schools the military has to offer
  • Coach Dave and Kyle first meeting
  • Conversations of a Gym

Our history

Coach Dave and Coach Chris meet at a full time military position within the Texas National Guard. Dave being a current Special Operation Operators saw that Chris was in the wrong branch of service. Chris was in the Air Force and decided to test for the Army's elite. Chris, Kyle, and Dave used their knowledge and experience help Chris train for the rigors of the training. Again the system was proven a few years later.
  • 3 Founders Form a Friendship
  • Chris leaves for the Special Operations

Our history

Coach Chris Graduates the Special Operations and becomes an Operator on Dave an Kyles team. The founders realized that they had an opportunity to get the gym off the ground in the coming summer and started to make preparations. The business plan was in place and the boys pulled the trigger on the plan. Mid way through Chris and Kyle came up on a deployment to Afghanistan. Dave wasn't on the trip and they decided to move forward with the plan.
  • RedSide Inception
  • Chris & Kyle Deploy

Our history

Coach Dave and his wife Danielle began training with JB Barrientes in Weightlifting Wise Oly classes. Dave, JB, Danielle, and our Coach at the time Ursula Garza Papandrea began a great friendship. Coach Dave knew he needed certain personalities and also the best coaches. With Danielle already on board, he approached both JB and Ursula to offer them their own positions at RedSide. Jb became Redside's GM and Ursula agreed to her own spot inside RedSide's Facility. RedSide through a hand shake had its founders and founding coaches.
  • Founding Coaches

Our history

With everything in place from the coaches to the facility we were just waiting on the permits and the boys to return from Afghanistan. January of 2014 we opened our doors officially.
  • RedSide Grand Opening
Hello, I'm Coach Dave and 5 years ago I was sitting in Czech with Kyle on a mission dreaming about our own facility done our way. Little did I know what an impact that conversation would have on so many lives especially my own.
Coach Dave
Hello, I'm Coach Chris RedSide was sketched out on a notepad on a deployment, to have an opportunity to turn that sketch into an opportunity to make an impact on someone's life is an amazing thing.
Coach Chris
Hello, I'm Kyle a crazy conversation on a range with a buddy has changed my life in ways I never saw coming.
Coach Dave Co-FounderCoach ChrisCo-FounderKyleCo-Founder